About Us

Our Story

Berg Garage was founded in Martinsdale Montana in 1919 by Helmar Berg. In the early years Helmar discovered the business needed to offer a wide variety of products and services to be viable. At the store in Martinsdale beside the service station operations he sold cars, delivered freight, including some of the first power poles to bring electricity to the area, buffalo and elk for an early western guest ranch and other general freight. Helmar also sold new cars such as Overland, Buick and Chevrolet. In the early years Helmar was a driver educator, with customers coming in to buy vehicles needing to be trained how to drive these new-fangled contraptions. In 1928 Helmar made the decision to open some branch stores in White Sulphur Springs and later briefly in Ringling. The relationship with Chevrolet continued until 2010 when the bankruptcy of GM lead to cancellation of the dealer agreement. The store in Martinsdale was eventually disposed of and the White Sulphur store remains active to this day. Over the years Helmar passed off operation to his son Harry and later Harry was succeeded by Jay and Jack who operate it today.

Over the years the Bergs have been affiliated with Standard Oil until they discontinued operations in Montana and now are proudly with Conoco products. Other services are offered by Bergs including light duty towing, welding gas sales, heating fuels including propane and fuel oil products, bulk delivery of gasoline, taxed and non-taxed diesel fuel and propane. Berg Garage is a full service facility offering major mechanical repair as well as light mechanical repair and oil changes and much to the surprise of non-locals they'll even pump your gas at the island.

Pictured above are a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air and a 1941 Special Deluxe Coupe . Both were originally sold at the shop and bought back at a later date.

Meet the Crew

Jack Berg

As Co-Manager of the business, Jack has a handful of responsibilities. He is the main go-to for any issues around the shop. Although endlessly busy, he is always wanting to keep all the customers satisfied. He fills in on any job needing and extra hand. In is off time, he is a long-time volunteer for the Meagher County Ambulance, and has even taught EMT classes on several occasions. Until recently, he was also a volunteer on the volunteer fire crews. Jack's main concern is his community.

Jay Berg

As the second Co-manager of the business, Jay's main role is the fuel supply. He runs fuel all over the county to various ranches as they order it. He is also in charge of keeping the tanks at the station full. Jay also sets the current fuel prices, so it is his job to stay up-to-date on any and all changes to current costs.

Gerald Zarr

Gerald is a part-time employee at the shop, working only during the summer days. He is a recently retired teacher, having taught at the local elementary school for 40 years. He works at the shop to lend an extra hand and to enjoy visiting with the regular customers as well as travelers.

Kirk Shepherd

Although he is not as often seen by the customers, due to his shop being in the back of the building, Kirk is one of the biggest parts of this business. He takes on all of the larger mechanic jobs, so that the front shop can stay focused on service jobs and minor mechanical procedures. His position requires a diverse set of mechanical abilities, which he has mastered in his many years of repairing vehicles and equipment.